Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?

So it has been awhile since we last published anything, it seems like life here is for real and now with the kids in school, K at work, callings in the church, etc...  life is hectic.  That being said, we've been able to squeeze in some fun things.  This last week we went to a town called Steinsel.  This town has an annual "Fete aux Pommes" a.k.a Apple Festival, at a very large apple orchard and we were there to do some serious apple picking.  As usual it was raining, but we're getting used to always being wet so not a huge deal.

Check out them apples...

 They were making some huge batches of apple cider.  It was REALLY expensive stuff, over $3.50 for a 1.5 Liter bottle.  No thanks, we'll enjoy our Mott's Apple Juice.

Mr. L giving a good cheeser. 

Ms. A literally getting into her work.

Even Ms. H was into the apple festival spirit, although she won the award for most apples consumed on a body/size of apple ratio.

The apples are almost as big as her head.

 Mr Apple Farmer Himself

This is our friend's son, it was really interesting/funny to see how each kid attacked the humongous, he decided to eat just around the middle and throw the rest away, ha...  

There were a ton of different varieties of apples that you could pick, but we found a variety named after  E herself.  Yes that's right there is a new species of Apples with the same name as E that after performing some research are being cultivated for people who are allergic to apples.  Who knew...  So her is E with her namesake.

 Mr. L decided after awhile he was done and wanted to take a load off, he put his feet up and enjoyed some fresh apples.

After it was all said and done we had picked over 76 kilos / 167 pounds of apples.  We were a little surprised by how much we picked, especially when then handed us the bill :)  But overall, we had a great time and we are in the midst of apple sauce / apple cake / dried apple heaven!

--K & E