Friday, June 8, 2012

Here We Go!

So the time has come....

For this of you who don't know, we're on our way to Luxembourg for 2-3 years on a tour for K's work. We've decided that we're absolutely crazy and really have lost our minds. We started to whole process back in September of last year, and we were notified of the approval at the end of March. We then had to report to Luxembourg on August 1st! Needless to say trying to move our entire family oversea for an extended period of time, was more than we bargained for.

Little did we know all the work that it was going to take and how many decisions and discussions we would have just to make the tiniest of progress. K's work paid for us to move the majority of our house over, but the bigger items like our couch and kitchen table couldn't fit, so we sold them. The movers came a few weeks ago and it was amazing to see how fast they would box things up and how quickly our house emptied out.

The Girl's Room Before:

The Girl's Room Almost Done:

It was crazy to watch the mover's carry all our things on their backs, we felt bad for how heavy all our stuff must have been...

In the end, we're happy, excited, terrified, humbled, and sad all at the same time. We're dedicated to sharing our adventure with all of you on the blog, and hope that you'll come see us in Luxembourg one day! Well give us some time to actually find a house there, that's the first step :)

- K & E

Location:Our Chicago Home