Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A the Book Worm

So A has been developing quite a nack for reading/writing and spelling lately. We thought you all would enjoy seeing some of the fruits of her labors. This is the fourth book that she's learned how to read and every night she keeps trying to read more. Enjoy!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!

So I've hijacked E's account for tonight because I wanted to let you all in on a big secret, today is her Birthday! In honor of her B-Day here are 28 things that make me grateful that you're mine:

1. Your smile always lights up the room.
2. Your patience with me and the kids is amazing.
3. Your ability to simply listen whenever anyone needs a friend to talk with.
4. Your willingness to always do whatever it takes to make our family happy.
5. You try your best to always make our home nice and tidy, even with L's best efforts to tear everything apart one room at a time, numerous times a day.
6. Your cooking has had negative effects on my waistline, but positive effects on our marriage!
7. Your dedication to the gospel and church.
8. You are always willing to hear me rant on about boring accounting/auditing issues.
9. Your humility and they way you always put other people's needs before your own.
10. Your ability to endure through busy season and not having me around for 3 solid months.
11. Your ability to make do with what we have.
12. Your enthusiasm for the little things in our life.
13. Your devotion to teaching our kids the gospel.
14. Your laugh is contagious.
15. Your ability to control your emotions is amazing, every time you have a baby, nobody believes your in labor because you're always so calm and controlled. SCREAM! Every now and then...
16. Your ability to always see the good in everyone (Except for that one nebulizer billing department lady who we both didn't really appreciate.)
17. Your love of ice cream.
18. Your desire to continue to gain talents and abilities. Unfortunately, I have not gained your cake making ability so I'm sorry in advance for the lopsided carrot cake ;)
19. Your ears (Don't ask...)
20. Your willingness to always scratch my back.
21. Your dedication in taking care of H, even though there are 2 other kiddos vying for your attention and constantly circling you like a school of sharks.
22. Your patience with A and her constant barrage of tiny papers and stapled letters to her 50 or so friends.
23. Your ability to make every penny stretch by finding the best deal for everything.
24. Your drive to ensure that we always eat our vegetables, I think I'm more stubborn than the kids on this one.
25. Your desire to always make sure everyone is happy.
26. Your dedication to always making sure I always have clean clothes.
27. Your willingness to always talk to our kids and make them feel like equals.
28. Your amazingly good looks!

Sorry for anyone who doesn't enjoy public praise, I just couldn't help myself. E is truly the best thing that's happened to me in my life so I wanted her to know how much I love her!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Stuff

Just stuff that's been going on around here.....

Every once in awhile, Miss A comes in our room during the night if she has a bad dream. She usually just brings her pillow and blanket, lays down on the floor, and we find her there in the morning. A few nights ago she came in during the night to find me sitting in bed feeding Miss H. She asked, "Mom, what are you doing?"
"Feeding the baby," I replied.
She came back with, "Aw, that's not fair. I wish I could have a snack in the middle of the night. That's really not fair."

Miss A also really loves to talk on the phone. I find her talking to the relatives she knows how to call from my cell phone all the time. The other day I was talking on the phone with one of my friends who has a daughter that is one of Alexa's best friends. After I was done she asked if she could talk to her friend on the phone. I passed her the phone, she started talking, and I walked out of the room to do something else. This is part of the conversation that I heard:
"My mom has to feed the baby all the time. Do you know how she feeds the baby? She lifts up her shirt and just feeds her. Isn't that soooo weird? I think that's weird! I wish she could just open her mouth and feed her!" Getting back into the swing of nursing a baby is obviously a big deal to her. I don't think she has much memory of me nursing Mr. L, even though it hasn't been that long since I stopped.

Miss H had her one month check-up this morning. I had been slightly concerned about her weight gain just because she's not always a very interested eater. It's sometimes difficult to get her to eat well. I guess I don't have any reason to worry. She's at 9 lbs 2 oz, up two pounds from her birth weight of 7 lbs. 3 oz. She's also grown 2.5 inches in the last month. I guess she's just efficient!

We had peas with dinner tonight. Mr. L loves peas, which is good because he gets to eat them a lot. I try to avoid broccoli and cauliflower for awhile while I'm nursing, he has a corn allergy, and he doesn't eat green salad very well yet. Considering all those things, his main vegetables are peas, green beans, and carrots. Tonight as I was putting on his pajamas for bed, I noticed he had a pea up his nose. I guess it wasn't bothering him, but I went and got the bulb syringe to try to suck it out. Wow! I've never used a bulb syringe on an almost 30 pound nineteen-month-old, but, boy, did it make him mad! After sucking out his nose, though, I couldn't see the pea anymore. Do you think it just went all the way up his nose and then down his throat? Anyone have any experience with this???

I'm realizing now that this post seems to be focused quite a bit around nursing. That was totally not my intention, but I guess that's pretty representative of what life is focused around right now..... :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yes, this really is exactly what it appears to be. I was in the kitchen a few days ago and heard a splashing noise. Mr. L doesn't usually get into trouble in the bathroom, but I walked in to find him using a cup to drink water out of the toilet. As disguisting as it was, all I could do was laugh- and snap a picture to remember the moment! Then seriously wash his hands, of course...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Family Blog, Take Two...

It's no secret I'm not the greatest blogger in the world.... Alright, it's been almost a year since I even made a post on our last family blog. Truth is I had some experiences with that blog that kind of freaked me out a little. Because I didn't know exactly how to handle what was going on, I just made the blog private and stopped posting on it. I've decided now, though, that it's time to try again. This blog is going to be much more anonymous... no names or any other identifying information. If you'd like more information about names, etc. you're welcome to email me and I'd be happy to share info! I can't make any promises about being a better poster on this blog than I was on the last, but I do promise I will try. So, without further ado, here's our first post!

Miss H is here!

Our little Miss H arrived via a quick labor on Monday, March 7. It's hard to believe she's already almost three weeks old! She seriously was in a hurry to get here, not even letting us make it to a delivery room in the hospital. She was born in the triage room because she was delivered within a few minutes of walking into the hospital. Despite the craziness surrounding her birth, so far she is a very calm, peaceful baby. She probably took one look at her surroundings and realized she'd have to be pretty chill to make it around here! I think her older two siblings already do enough to keep us on our toes!

Our first glimpses of those sweet little cheeks! She weighed in at 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 19 inches long.
Miss A was totally thrilled about having a sister! The gender of this baby was a surprise until she was born. A few hours after Miss H was born, I called to talk to Miss A. When I told her she had a new sister, she started giggling and was totally giddy for the rest of the conversation.
My mom and dad jumped in the car and drove from Virginia when they found out labor had begun. They didn't make it til quite awhile after Miss H had arrived, but they got to see her the next day. My dad had to turn around and drive back home the day after he got here in order to be back to work, but my mom stayed to help us out for a couple of weeks. She was seriously a lifesaver!!!

Because Mr. L and Miss H are only barely 18 months apart, I really expected Mr. L to have a tough time adjusting to not being the baby anymore. He still seemed like such a baby until this new one arrived. Then, overnight almost, he seemed to just grow up! He's done surprisingly well adjusting to having a new baby. He completely adores her and wants to shower her with kisses on her head every time he sees her.